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30mm F2 Standard Prime Lens

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30mm F2.0
Standard Pancake Lens
- Lens for Snapshot
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  • S30NB 2 Front S30NB P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EX-S30NB_001_Front 1800 1200 default
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Small. Bright. Powerful.
Small. Bright. Powerful.
Samsung’s compact 30mm pancake lens is the brightest in its class. With its 30mm fixed focal length and maximum aperture of F/2, you can capture exceptionally bright images — even in low-light situations such as shady forest paths and indoor weddings. You can also create striking, images with shallow depth of field in a variety of settings. And since it’s incredibly slim and lightweight, you can take it with you everywhere
Increase the drama in your pictures.
Increase the drama in your pictures.
The Samsung 30mm pancake lens lets you create dramatic images where the focus is solely on your subject. Optimised for shallow depth of field, to single out your subject and at the same time it achieves extraordinary background blur. You’ll also experience exceptionally bright images, even in low-light situations. And it’s small enough and light enough to carry everywhere — making it ideal for portraits, landscapes and everyday snapshots.
A slim lens that delivers all the details
A slim lens that delivers all the details
Ultra-compact, ultra-light, and ultra-powerful: the Samsung 30mm pancake lens preserves the slim profile of the NX series. In fact, its slim size makes it the perfect general-purpose lens for photo buffs who need flexibility and portability. Very light at only 85 grams, it won’t weigh you down. So whether you’re walking around downtown or out in the country, you can capture incredibly beautiful cityscapes or landscapes in a variety of conditions.
MTF Chart
MTF Chart
Lens structure
Lens structure

Tech Specs

Elements in Groups
5 elements in 5 groups
(1 Aspherical lens included)
Max.Diameter x Length
61.5 x 21.5mm
Optical Image Stabilizer
Angle of View
F2 (Min. F22),
(Number of Blades : 7, Circular Aperture Diaphragm)
Filter Size
Focal Length
30mm (equivalent to 46.2mm in 35mm fomat)
Maximum Magnification
Approx. 0.16x
Minimum Focus Distance
0.25m ~ ∞
Samsung NX Mount
Operating Humidity
5 ~ 85%
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 40°C
Approx. 85g (without hood)
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