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15.6" Notebook PC Briefcase

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Carry your notebook with style
  • Keep your notebook protected on the move
  • Use it to carry a range of PCs up to 15.6”
  • Fit all your cables in thanks to high capacity
  • Stay stylish with elegant synthetic leather design
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A Wise Choice for Your Laptop
A Wise Choice for Your Laptop
Protect your laptop with this high quality leather-like briefcase by Samsung. It’s smart and versatile design mean that you can carry your valuables organised without sacrificing style.
Spacious and Versatile Storage Space
Spacious and Versatile Storage Space
The Samsung Briefcase can comfortably accommodate most laptops with up to 15.6” size screens. In addition, the generous spacing inside is ideal for all your computer accessories - cables, adapters, etc. - and even your personal items.
Durable Protection
Durable Protection
This leather-like briefcase has excellent built-in durability and is nicely finished with strong carrying handles. Everything has been designed to give your laptop long-life protection from external damage.
Styled for All Occasions
Styled for All Occasions
Elegance and simplicity are always best, as shown by the stylishly designed Samsung Briefcase. For a business look but not too formal, the black briefcase goes perfectly with every day attire, from business suits to casual wear.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Size 15 "
Type Briefcase
Weight 1400g (Approximate Value)


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