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Galaxy S4 Battery

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Reliable battery power for your Galaxy S4
  • Choose a battery developed specifically for the Galaxy S4
  • Keep it as a spare battery or use it as a replacement
  • Use NFC communication thanks to built-in NFC antenna
  • Trust in high-quality Samsung design and engineering
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  • EB-B600BEB 1 Front Black EB-B600BEB P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_EB-B600BEBECWW_012_Front_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • EB-B600BEB 2 Back Black EB-B600BEB P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_EB-B600BEBECWW_008_Back_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • EB-B600BEB 3 Right Angle Black EB-B600BEB P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_EB-B600BEBECWW_013_Right-Angle_black 3000 2000 #000000


Additional power when you need it
Additional power when you need it
Our Lithium-Ion Battery, exclusively for Samsung Smartphones, offers longer battery life, is reliable and safe, having gone through an exhausting testing and certification process. For long travels or extended use, have the peace of mind of an extra Samsung battery on hand when you need it.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Dimension (HxWxD) 63 x 57 x 5.3mm
Area W / W
Colour Black
Packaging Retail
Weight 43.9g
Input Voltage 4.35V
Output Current 0.5A
Output Voltage 3.8V


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