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Slim Power Adapter

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Take charge. You’ve got the power
  • Take it with you, thanks to slim and compact design
  • Specially designed for Samsung Premium portable PCs
  • Conveniently keep one at work and one at home
  • Enjoy energy-efficient and reliable battery charging
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High Energy Efficiency and Electrical Reliability
High Energy Efficiency and Electrical Reliability
About 15% slimmer than most laptop power adapters, the 90W Slim Power Adapter is also highly energy efficient. Using this Samsung adapter will protect your equipment from electric shock and unstable AC input, and even has a USB port for charging other devices too.
Non-stop power – wherever you need it
Non-stop power – wherever you need it
Never run out of power with Samsung’s 90W ultra portable, slim power adapter. Being just 22.5mm thick it’s 15% thinner than standard notebook adapters and easily slips into almost any bag or pocket. So it’s the perfect accessory for your premium portable PC when you want to keep going and going.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Dimension (WxDxH) 120 x 75 x 17mm
90W, Free voltage 100 - 240V
Slim power Adapter


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