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NAVA Notebook
Leather Carry Case

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Inspired by Italian Style
  • Look your best thanks to premium Italian leather
  • Fits any note PC up to Series 9 15” notebook
  • Comes with useful removable computer holder
  • Store items in outer pocket and dual interior spaces
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Distinctively better by design
Distinctively better by design
Conceived and produced by Italian leather brand NAVA the premium carrying case is made from high quality, genuine Italian leather, with a smooth, soft “full grain” finish. Its slimline and elegant design is accentuated with chrome features, while double handles add an alternative twist to the traditional briefcase.
Practically the best way to travel
Practically the best way to travel
As well as being a “must have” fashion accessory the premium carrying case also comes equipped with a handy outside pocket, a removable computer holder and dual interior spaces. So its briefcase style design can comfortably accommodate your Samsung notebook Series 9, together with any adapters, cables or personal items you may need to take with you.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Size Up to Series9 15"
Type NAVA Premium Brief Case
Material Genuine Italian Leather


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