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ATIV Tab 7 Keyboard Dock

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A smart keyboard for your Smart PC Pro
  • Connect it easily for full-sized keyboard input
  • Navigate using the intuitive built-in touchpad
  • Adjust the Smart PC’s angle for viewing comfort
  • Get connected thanks to 2x USB ports
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  • AA-RD8NMKD 1 Front Black AA-RD8NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD8NMKD-UK_009_Front_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • AA-RD8NMKD 2 Keyboard Left Black AA-RD8NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD8NMKD-UK_010_Keyboard-Left_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • AA-RD8NMKD 3 Dynamic Black AA-RD8NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD8NMKD-UK_011_Dynamic_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • AA-RD8NMKD 4 Top Black AA-RD8NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD8NMKD-UK_012_Top_black 3000 2000 #000000


Turn Your Tablet into a Laptop
Turn Your Tablet into a Laptop
Using the keyboard dock AA-RD8NMKD, you can instantly convert a tablet PC into a laptop! The keyboard dock incorporates a full keyboard and fixes the tablet into the optimum position for you to maximise the utility and functionality of your ATIV Tab PC. Simply connect and you are ready to go!
Connect to Other Devices
Connect to Other Devices
Sometimes you wish your tablet could support all the usual laptop functions - well now it can! With 2 USB 2.0 expansion ports, a touch pad and full-sized keyboard, you can have full PC functionality. Most smart devices like your mobile phone, media tablet, camera, MP3, etc. can be connected to the keyboard dock and then be accessed with ease from your tablet.
Makes Typing Easier
Makes Typing Easier
With a full-sized 80 / 81 keyboard, Samsung’s key-isolation technology and the ergonomic design ensures correct and accurate typing. And the function keys on the keyboard enable for a more intuitive and quicker operation.
Adjust for Comfort
Adjust for Comfort
When fixed to the keyboard dock’s stand, the angle of your ATIV Tab 7 or Smart PC Pro is still fully adjustable, providing you personalised comfort in any work environment or surface.

Tech Specs

2 x USB 2.0 Ports
Keyboard - Keys 80 / 81
Keyboard - Key Type Island Type
Touch Pad, Touch Screen Touch Pad (85.6mm x 48.1mm)
304 x 189.4 x 23.4mm
POGO Interface


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