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Wireless USB Keyboard

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Type smarter with wireless convenience
  • Type with more freedom without cables
  • Enjoy comfortable typing thanks to isolated keys
  • Save space with compact and convenient design
  • Connect wirelessly to your PC with total ease
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Slim and stylish wireless keyboard
Slim and stylish wireless keyboard
The ultra slim and stylish keyboard uses wireless technology to quickly and easily connect to your PC without any cables. So it’s easier and more comfortable to type anywhere you like within range. And its compact, space saving design will fit neatly on a desk, table or any other surface – including your lap.
Isolated keys for effortless typing
Isolated keys for effortless typing
Enjoy the perfect keystroke with an island keyboard that enables fast and accurate typing, regardless of where the keys are located. The low-profile, isolated keys also provide a crisp and responsive feel, with optimised spacing for maximum comfort. It’s also cleaner and much more hygienic as dirt cannot be trapped between the keys.

Tech Specs

Keyboard - Keys 88 / 89
Keyboard - Key Type Scissors
Mouse - Connection Type Wireless (RF)
Physical Specification
Dimension (WxDxH) 357.9 x 127.9 x 20.24mm


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