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Smart PC Pro Hand Strap Case

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A better way to hold and carry your Smart PC Pro
  • Hold and carry your ATIV Smart PC Pro securely
  • Attach the hand strap for one-handed use
  • Rotate it 360° while strapped to your hand
  • Keep the case on while your device is docked
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Simply easier to hold
Simply easier to hold
Have a greater peace of mind knowing that your ATIV Tab 7 or Smart PC Pro is protected from damage with the Samsung Grip Assist Case. It fits securely around your Tablet PC and includes a hand strap on the back, so you can easily hold it with just one hand.
Quick and easy docking
Quick and easy docking
With the Samsung Grip Assist Case you can easily fit your ATIV Tablet PC to a stand dock without taking it out of the case. So it’s easy to watch movies, play games hands-free, deliver a presentation, use it as a second monitor or simply keep your ATIV Tablet PC safe when not in use.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Size 307 x 192 x 20mm (11.6")
Type Rotational Hand Strap Case ( For Smart PC Pro)
Weight 285g


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