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Galaxy S4 Zoom Flip Cover

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Stylish protection for your Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • Prevent damage to the screen by closing the flip cover
  • Wake your phone simply by flipping the cover open
  • Protect your lens with the matching lens cap
  • Stay stylish thanks to the cover’s elegant design
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More protective and more convenient
More protective and more convenient
Folding Type Flip Cover
Designed to snugly fit your Galaxy S4 Zoom, the durable case protects both the 4.3" sAMOLED screen and the back of the smartphone from getting scratched, whether you place it face-down on a kitchen counter or slide it into a pocket with coins and keys. The flip cover also allows for one-handed use—snap away with the Galaxy S4 even when you’re carrying shopping bags in the other hand.
Wake up your phone with a flip
Wake up your phone with a flip
Built-in sensor for Auto Screen
When it comes to capturing great, spur-of-the-moment images, speed is of the essence. Flip the cover open and the built-in sensor automatically turns on your smartphone’s screen. So whether you’re attending a wedding or walking down a city street, you’ll never miss an impromptu photo opportunity again. To turn the screen off—and save battery life—simply close the cover.
A more stylish way to protect your camera lens
A more stylish way to protect your camera lens
Detachable Lens Cap
Toss your Galaxy S4 Zoom into a backpack without fear, or place it on your beach towel when you’re tanning on the sand. A detachable lens cap that matches the colour of the flip cover protects the protruding 10x zoom lens from scratches and smear marks. The cap securely attaches to the lens so it won’t pop off even when it’s being jostled about in your pocket.
A case for style and durability
A case for style and durability
Stylish Design with Colourful Synthetic Leather
The flip cover is as durable as it is stylish. Made from synthetic leather treated with polyurethane, the front and back of the case look—and feel—like genuine leather. And dual-injection rubber protects the edges to help keep your Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone looking as sharp as the pictures you take. The flip cover also comes in two eye-pleasing colours, because having options is a beautiful thing.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Exterior Size (W x H x D) 129 x 68 x 16mm
Weight 28.5g
Compatible Models Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom
General Features
Material TPU, PC
Features Flip Cover, Protective Cover, Book Cover
Function Enhance usability & funtionality
Package Contents Flip Cover, Lens Cap, String
Warranty 6 month limited warranty


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