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NX Camera Battery Charger

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Convenient charging for NX Cameras
  • Charge your Samsung NX Camera battery
  • Connect conveniently using a USB plug
  • Carry it with you thanks to portable design
  • Rely on high-quality Samsung construction
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More Convenient
More Convenient
You will find both practicality and convenience in our USB Battery Charger for NX series cameras. The USB plug and its compact size makes charging your battery easy and convenient. Carry it with you everywhere, anytime.

Tech Specs

Product Type Battery Charger
Available Camera NX200 / 210 / 300 / 1000
Compatible Batteries BP1030 / BP1130
Interface - DC Input Adapter: 5V 1A / 0.7A / 0.5APC USB: 5V / 500mA
Interface - DC Output Adapter: 8.7V / 450 / 320 / 220mA Adapter: 8.4V / 450 / 320 / 220mA PC USB: 8.7V or 8.4V / 200mA
Physical Specification - Size (WxHxD) 73 x 73 x 20.6 [mm]
Physical Specification - Weight 47.2g
Physical Specification - Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C


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