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NX Camera Bag

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Store it securely.
Carry it comfortably.
  • Protect your camera from damage on the go
  • Use it to store a range of Samsung NX cameras
  • Bring lenses and other accessories with you
  • Enjoy comfortable carrying and great portability
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Comfortable and Portable
Comfortable and Portable
Compact, lightweight yet durable, the CC1N15B camera bag is handy to carry around - any place, any time. The shoulder pad with a length-adjustable strap prevents the bag from slipping off your shoulder and minimising shoulder ache. With the strong buckle-fastener, you have the dual benefit of better security and ease of access to your equipment.
More Space for Accessories
More Space for Accessories
Store more accessories and personal items with the CC1N15B camera bag. It fits your Samsung NX series camera and lenses comfortably, leaving additional space to cater to your additional storage needs.
Better Protection
Better Protection
This camera bag features a cushion pad to protect your Samsung NX camera from accidental damage. Protect your camera, lenses and data cards when out and about with the Samsung CC1N15B camera bag.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Model CC1N15B
Exterior Size (W x H x D) 255 x 185 x 140mm
Weight 452g
Material PU
Compatible Models NX Series Cameras
General Features
Material Fabric
Case Lock Method Buckle


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