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60mm F2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA Lens

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Versatile functionality for stunning shots
  • Take better pictures thanks to i-Function technology
  • Enjoy shooting with silent and precise autofocusing
  • Fine-tune your shots in the moment with AF Mode
  • Discover sharper images with optical image stabilisation
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  • M60SB 1 Front M60SB P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EX-M60SB_005_Front 3000 2000 default
  • M60SB 2 Front M60SB P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EX-M60SB_001_Front 3000 2000 default
  • M60SB 3 Right M60SB P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EX-M60SB_002_Right 3000 2000 default
  • M60SB 4 Dynamic M60SB P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EX-M60SB_004_Dynamic 3000 2000 default


Perfect pictures at your fingertips
Perfect pictures at your fingertips
This i-Function lens is perfect for novices and experts alike. If you’re a beginner, shoot confidently like a pro with Lens Priority Mode. This allows your camera to instantly recognise the type of lens you’ve attached. Now, it will serve up optimal scene modes with i-Scene, while i-Setting optimises all the settings for the perfect shot. If you’re already a pro, you can cycle through and adjust shutter speed, aperture, ISO and more — all without taking your fingers off the lens, and your eyes off the shot — simply by pressing the i-Function button and turning the value ring to the desired settings.
Supersonic and super quiet
Supersonic and super quiet
Here’s a lens ready for its close-up: the Samsung 60mm macro lens. It comes equipped with a supersonic actuator for fast, silent and precise auto focusing — perfect for the amateur entomologist looking to capture an amazing image of a fluttering butterfly. And thanks to its internal focusing system, the lens barrel remains fixed. So you can get right up close to your tiny little subjects without startling them and capture stunning details that can’t be seen with the naked eye.
Expert focus on amazing details
Expert focus on amazing details
The lens autofocus (AF) mechanism sets you up for the perfect shot every time, but sometimes, it’s just not the perfect shot you wanted. The Samsung 60mm macro lens allows full-time manual focus in AF mode‡ so, you can quickly fine-tune your shot without having to switch modes. This gives you instant and total control over what to focus on and what to blur out in your macro shots.
Optical Image Stabiliser for clear, sharp images
Optical Image Stabiliser for clear, sharp images
Create beautiful images that move you, even if you move the camera. The 60 mm macro lens comes equipped with lens-shift optical image-stabilising technology. Samsung’s optical image stabiliser uses tiny lens-shifts to cancel out motion blur, even in low exposure shots. And since the image is being stabilised externally in the lens, what you see through the viewfinder — and on the display — is perfectly clear.

Tech Specs

Mount Samsung NX Mount
Focal Length 60mm (equivalent to 92.4mm in 35mm format)
Name Samsung 60mm F2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA
Elements in Groups 12 elements in 9 groups (1 Aspherical lens, 1 Extra-low Dispersion lens)
Angle of View 26.4°
Aperture F2.8 (Min. F32, Number of Blades : 7, Circular Aperture Diaphragm)
Optical Image Stabilizer Yes
Minimum Focus Distance 0.187m
Maximum Magnification Approx. 1x
Hood Included
Filter Size 52mm
Physical Specification
Weight Approx. 389g (Without hood)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity 5 ~ 85%
Diameter x Length (Max) 73.5 x 84mm
i-Scene Mode
Supported (Portrait, Children, Backlight, CloseUp, Text )


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