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Galaxy Note 3 Wallet Flip Cover

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Protect your Galaxy Note 3 with style
  • Enjoy high-quality design and a range of colour options
  • Protect the screen of your Note 3 from scratches and smudges
  • Store your bank card in the wallet’s useful card slot
  • Keep your device thin by simply replacing the battery cover
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  • EF-WN900B 1 Front Jet Black EF-WN900B P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_EF-WN900BBEGWW_000048732_Front-Jet-Black_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • EF-WN900B 2 Back Jet Black EF-WN900B P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_EF-WN900BBEGWW_000048741_Back-Jet-Black_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • EF-WN900B 3 Front Open Black EF-WN900B P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EF-WN900BBEGWW_000050134_Front-open_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • EF-WN900B 4 Open Black EF-WN900B P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EF-WN900BBEGWW_000050224_Open_black 3000 2000 #000000
  • EF-WN900B 5 Open Pen Black EF-WN900B P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EF-WN900BBEGWW_000050359_Open-Pen_black 3000 2000 #000000


Stylish Colours & Custom Design
Stylish Colours & Custom Design
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flip Wallet is available in various colours so there is certain to be one to match your personality. Even the most fashion-sensitive smartphone user will find a case, or two or three, that matches their personal style. These cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and the back easily snaps on, replacing the phone's standard battery cover, without making the phone feel bulky.
Hidden Storage so you're always prepared
Hidden Storage so you
The Flip Wallet has a hidden pocket on the inside of the cover to store a single credit card or travel card. This means you don't need to take a wallet or purse with you on that night out and with the leather-like finish and stitching detail, the Galaxy Note 3 is all dressed up and ready to impress...just like you. When you open the flip cover the phone detects this and will automatically switch your display on and then switch it off when you close it.
Screen Protection
Screen Protection
The Samsung Flip Wallet also provides maximum screen protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, reducing the possibility of smears and scratches.

Tech Specs

Jet Black
General Features
Packaging Contents Case
Flip Wallet
Physical Dimension
Dimensions (WxHxD) 80.3 x 152.7 x 13mm
Weight 51.9g
Compatible Models Galaxy Note 3


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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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  • Classy cover by Luke Toms 10/02/2013
    Ratings 4
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    This flip cover is made of faux-leather but don't let that put you off. It has a lovely feel and... Read More
    This flip cover is made of faux-leather but don't let that put you off. It has a lovely feel and grip, which works really well in the hand, reminiscent of the Moleskine soft cover note books. Unlike the back cover that comes shipped with the Note 3, this cover also has real stitching around the edge.

    The only two things I would say are: a) I am note quite sure how protective this cover will prove to be in the long term, as it does not cover the metal chrome-look top, right side and bottom of the Note 3 and b) I think I would have rather had a design that could be easily removed whenever I liked but still did not add bulk to the phone, much like the official Style Cover CS10 for the Sony Z Ultra.

    I personally prefer the look of this Flip Cover to the S View Cover, however, I have the Galaxy Gear to show notifications, so I don't need the S View window. I can see that the S View will probably be the better choice for those that do not use the Galaxy Gear. Also a magnet to offer a more firm closure would have been welcome.

    Samsung, please make a wireless charging version of this Flip Cover to go alongside the wireless charging S View Cover.
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