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  • Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear Online EXPERIENCE
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  • Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear Online EXPERIENCE
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Galaxy Note 3

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Design your life perfectly
  • The Galaxy Note 3 lets you see more and do more, with a beautiful 5.7 inch HD screen, S Pen input and powerful battery. It also communicates seamlessly with the Galaxy Gear so you never miss calls, texts, emails and alerts.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear - Smart Freedom. This stylish wearable device connects seamlessly with your Samsung smartphone to make life easier on the go.*
  • Air Command - New S Pen features make life easier. Action Memo: Activate your memos instantly. Scrapbooker: Organise important pieces of your life. S Finder: Search from your entire phone to the web. Pen Window: Draw to perform another simple task. Screen Write: Enjoy annotating on captured images.
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  • SM-N9005 1 Front White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213295_front_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 2 Front White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213304_front-with-pen_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 3 Back White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213313_back_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 4 Left White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213322_left-perspective_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 5 Right White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213331_right-perspective_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 6 Right Side White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213342_right-side_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 7 Left Side White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213351_left-side_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 8 Right 55 Degree White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213360_right-55-degree_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 9 Left 55 Degree White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213369_left-55-degree_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 10 Left 55 Degree White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213378_left-55-degree_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 11 Back White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213457_back-landscape_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 12 Back White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213466_back-right-perspecti_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 13 Back Left White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213475_back-left-perspectiv_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 14 Pen White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213484_pen_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 15 Back Left White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213710_back-left-perspectiv_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 16 Back Right White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213720_back-right-perspecti_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 17 Front Left White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213730_front-left-perspecti_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 18 Front Right White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213740_front-right-perspect_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 19 Pen Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213750_pen-dynamic_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 20 Front Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213760_front-dynamic1_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 21 Front Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213770_front-dynamic2_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 22 Back dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213780_back-dynamic1_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 23 Back Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213790_back-dynamic2_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 24 Front Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213800_front-dynamic-with-p_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 25 Front Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213810_front-dynamic-with-p_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 26 Front Dynamic White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213829_front-dynamic-with-p_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 27 Combination White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213839_combination1_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 28 Combination White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213849_combination2_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • SM-N9005 29 Combination White SM-N9005 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213859_combination3_white 3000 2000 #ffffff


Design your life perfectly
Design your life perfectly
From extraordinary creativity to everyday tasks, you can do it all smoothly and easily with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. New S Pen features help you stay organised and access everything you need with no hassle. Note 3’s large and vivid 5.7” Full HD screen lets you make the most of entertainment as well as advanced multitasking capabilities. With the Galaxy Note 3, you can design your life in perfect detail.
Air Command
Air Command
New S Pen features make life easier

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S Pen, life is so much smoother and simpler. Simply hover the S Pen over the screen and click its embedded button to bring up Air Command, which provides instant shortcuts to a selection of useful new features. This new functionality makes a range of tasks easier, whether you need to make a note or memo, collect all your images and other content in a scrapbook, and more.
Tidy up the pieces of your life

Don't worry about organising all your photos and videos – even if they’re kept in different places. The Galaxy Note 3 features the Scrapbook, which brings it all together and sorts it out for you. This even includes content that’s stored online. With everything in one convenient place it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, so you don’t have to waste time.
Action Memo
Action Memo
Activate your memos instantly

Make a memo then make it happen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features Action Memo, which allows you to make a quick handwritten note that instantly activates a function. This includes making a call, adding a new contact, creating a To-Do item or email, looking up an address on the map or searching the web. For instance, you can write down a phone number, press Link to Action, and then call the number directly.
Multi Window
Smart, free, easy multitasking

The enhanced Multi Window lets you do more than just open and view two different applications at the same time on your screen. Now you can easily drag and drop text or captured images from one window to the other, or open the same application in two windows at the same time. You can read the news in one browser and searching the web in another, chat with two different people on ChatON, and more.
5.7 Full HD SCREEN
5.7 Full HD SCREEN
Make daily viewing exceptional

The Galaxy Note 3 features a large and vivid 5.7’’ FHD screen that makes efficient multitasking possible, with enough space on the screen to comfortably fit multiple windows. You can enjoy a superior viewing experience that means you can make the most all your entertainment including videos or games, web browsing, and more. Get ready to explore everything you are now able to do thanks to a bigger screen.
New S Note
New S Note
Compose your thoughts

Taking notes is now quicker and easier than ever. The new S Note lets you quickly create notes on a range of canvases, browse through them effortlessly and edit them beautifully without having to rewrite or redraw anything. S Note can also be synced with Evernote or a Samsung account to enable viewing from your PC or tablets. Easy Chart also transforms scribbled charts into professional-looking graphs instantly.

Tech Specs

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity
Infra GSM / 3G HSPA+ / LTE
2G GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz)
4G LTE (800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600MHz) dependent on market
3G HSPA+ (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100MHz)
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth Profiles BT 4.0 (PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, OPP, SAP, HID, PAN, DI, MAP)
Connectivity Support DLNA, MHL 2.0
Technology FHD sAMOLED
Colour Depth 16M
Size 5.7"
Resolution 1920 x 1080
S Pen Yes
CPU Type Quad
CPU Speed 2.3GHz Quad
32 / 64GB**
Main Camera CMOS, 13MP BSI Sensor, Auto Focus camera with Smart Stabilisation, LED Flash (High CRI), and Zero Shutter Lag
Front Camera CMOS, 2MP BSI sensor, Full HD recording @30fps
Dual Camera Dual Shot / Dual Recording / Dual Video Call
Camera Mode Drama Shot, Sound & Shot, Animated Photo, Eraser, Best Photo, Best Face, Beauty Face, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Panorama, Sports, Golf, Surround shot, Live effect
Flash Power HCRI LED (1EA)
Auto Focus Yes
Recording UHD 30fps, Smooth motion (FHD 60fps), Slow motion (HD 120fps)
Accelerometer, Geomagnetic, Gyro, RGB light, Barometer, Proximity, Gesture, Temperature & Humidity, Hall
Physical Specification
Dimension (HxWxD) 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm
Weight 168g
Jet Black / Classic White / Blush Pink
USB USB 2.0, USB 3.0 (MTP only)
Earjack 3.5mm
External Memory Slot MicroSD Slot (up to 64GB)***
SIM Support Micro SIM (3FF)
Connector Micro USB 3.0 (5.3V, 2A)
Standard Battery 3200mAh
Internet Usage Time(3G) Up to 11h
Internet Usage Time(LTE) Up to 11h
Internet Usage Time(WI-FI) Up to 13h
Video Playback Time Up to 13h
Audio Playback Time Up to 84h
Talk Time(W-CDMA) Up to 21h
Standby Time(W-CDMA) Up to 420h
Standby Time(LTE) Up to 380h
Services and Applications
Samsung Apps Yes
Music Hub Yes
Readers Hub Yes
Game Hub Yes
ChatON, mFluent IM ChatON
ActiveSync Yes
B-to-B Compability EAS / MDM / ODE / VPN
Audio and Video
Video Format Format: MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM
Codec: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, VC-1, VP8, WMV7 / 8, MP43, Sorenson Spark, HEVC
Video Resolution UHD Video Playback
Video Frame rate Up to 60fps (Smooth mode only)


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