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Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi

Do more on the move
  • GT-N5110 1 Front White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_035_Front_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 2 Back White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_036_back_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 3 Right angle White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_037_R60_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 4 Right angle White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_038_Standard_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 5 Left angle White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_039_l60_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 6 Left angle White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_040_Standard_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 7 Right White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_041_Right_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 8 Left White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_042_Left_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 9 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_043_Dynamin1_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 10 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_044_Dynamic2_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 11 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_045_Dynamic3_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 12 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_046_Dynamic4_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 13 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_047_Dynamic5_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 14 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_048_Dynamic6_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 15 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_049_pen1_white 3000 2000 #ffffff
  • GT-N5110 16 Dynamic White GT-N5110 P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_GT-N5110ZWABTU_050_pen2_white 3000 2000 #ffffff


Perfect Size for on the go
Perfect Size for on the go
Designed for wherever inspiration strikes. Introducing the new Note 8.0, made for the thinkers, the dreamers, the movers and shakers. Scribble a thought, sketch out a concept, organise your ideas and express your creativity wherever inspiration may strike. It feels just right in your hand reading on the subway, giving a presentation, or enjoying a movie in bed.
Reading Mode with S Pen
Reading Mode with S Pen
Your books will never know. Indulge yourself with a good book in any environment with Reading Mode that reads just like paper. By optimising the gorgeous screen to provide perfect illumination and tone, it delivers a comfortable reading experience in all lighting conditions. And with the ability to annotate directly with the S pen, all on a size made easy to hold, reading has never been more enjoyable, even on the go.
Multi Window
Multi Window
Multitasking done right.
For tasks that require multiple apps open at once. Multi Window makes it easy. Notes, email, maps, search, messenger - do all the things you need at once, all without switching apps. Move, expand or close any windo with a tap of the S Pen for truly smart multitasking.
S Pen / Air View, Easy Clip, Capture, Quick Command
S Pen / Air View, Easy Clip, Capture, Quick Command
Make your ideas come to life. One stroke at a time.
The S Pen is no ordinary tool. Use it to tap the hard keys for an even more extensive navigation than before. Air View lets you to take a peek at any file just by hovering over it. Clipping gets done swiftly with an expert’s precision, and Quick Command helps you easily find what you’re looking for. Frankly, you’ll be left wondering how you lived without it.
S Planner / Various Sticker, Handwriting, Memo, Search
S Planner / Various Sticker, Handwriting, Memo, Search
Your calendar, notes, and diary. All in one place.
Life is full of important events and memorable moments – capture them all effortlessly with S Planner. Handwrite events and notes directly in your calendar, or scribble your thoughts down with the natural feel of a pen. You can even decorate handwritten messages and share them with friends and family.
S Note / 10 Templates + 3 New Templates
S Note / 10 Templates + 3 New Templates
Take notes in style for all your idea inspirations. You’re full of great ideas – S Note transforms them, beautifully refined. Easily create stunning presentations with template enhancements that help your ideas stand out from the rest.
Tools of Expression / Paper Artist
Tools of Expression / Paper Artist
Made for all your artistic inspirations. Get your creative juices flowing with the perfect tools for the modern artist. With Paper Artist, reach a whole new level of artistic expression with beautiful brushes to create stunning drawings, paintings, and illustrations. With Photo Note, scribble memories on the back of your digital photos with S Pen, for that personalised touch of old photographs. And with easy sharing capabilities built-in, your friends and family can enjoy your latest creations instantly.
Powerful Performance
Powerful Performance
Blazing performance that keeps up with you.
No matter your demands, the Note is up to the task. Equipped with a powerful quad core processor and 2GB of RAM, all your multitasking, searching, streaming, and gaming just works without a hitch.
Fast Connectivity
Fast Connectivity
Whenever. Wherever. Faster than ever.
Don’t get bogged down by slow connections. Stay in the loop with the latest versions of WiFi Channel Bonding / GPS + Glonass.
4600mAh Battery
4600mAh Battery
Performance that doesn’t quit.
Whether you’re at the office, at home, or out on the town, you need a mobile device that’s always ready. Do more longer with an efficient battery that lasts all day and into the night. Using the S Pen means even more time (up to 14 hours) to do what you want wherever you are.

Tech Specs

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity
Infra Yes
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4+5GHz
Wi-Fi Direct
Connectivity Support DLNA, MHL 1.2
Android , 4.1.2
Technology TFT
Colour Depth 16M
Size 8"
Resolution 1280 x 800
S Pen Yes
Type (Dual, Quad) Quad Core
CPU Speed 1.6GHz
16 GB*
Camera Resolution(Rear) CMOS , 5MP
Camera Resolution(Front) CMOS , 1.3MP
Auto Focus Yes
Accelerometer,Geo-magnetic,Light Sensor
Physical Specification
Dimension (HxWxD) 210.8 x 135.9 x 7.95mm
Weight 340g
Pearl White
Earjack 3.5pi 4pole, Stereo
External Memory Slot MicroSD (up to 64GB)
Connector Micro USB (5.0V, 2A)
Standard Battery 4600mAh
Internet Usage Time(WI-FI) Up to 8 Hours
Video Playback Time Up to 8 Hours
Audio Playback Time Up to 120 Hours
AGPS Support,GLONASS Support , -
Services and Applications
Samsung Apps Yes
Music Hub Music 3.0
Readers Hub Readers 2.0
Game Hub Game 2.0
ChatON, mFluent IM ChatON
ActiveSync Yes
B-to-B Compability ODE,EAS,MDM,VPN,CCX
Audio and Video
Video Format MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, RV, DivX, Xvid
Video Resolution Full HD (1080p) Video Playback
Video Frame rate 30fps

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