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BHS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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Clip on for hands-free stereo sound
  • Be free with lightweight and compact clip-on design
  • Stay in control hands-free with useful Voice Prompts
  • Enjoy high-quality stereo sound for music and more
  • Charge the battery using any Micro USB connection
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  • BHS3000 1 Front Pink BHS3000 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_BHS3000UPECXEU_001_Front_pink_10029611091015 3000 2000 #ff7f80
  • BHS3000 2 Back Pink BHS3000 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_BHS3000UPECXEU_004_Back_pink 3000 2000 #ff7f80
  • BHS3000 3 Right Pink BHS3000 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_BHS3000UPECXEU_003_Right_pink 3000 2000 #ff7f80
  • BHS3000 4 Dynamic Pink BHS3000 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_BHS3000UPECXEU_002_Dynamic_pink 3000 2000 #ff7f80
  • BHS3000 5 Dynamic Pink BHS3000 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_BHS3000UPECXEU_005_Dynamic_pink 3000 2000 #ff7f80
  • BHS3000 6 Dynamic Pink BHS3000 P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_BHS3000UPECXEU_006_Dynamic_pink 3000 2000 #ff7f80


Experience more with clip-on Bluetooth headset
Experience more with clip-on Bluetooth headset
Find more ways of enjoying your Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth headset with the help of the very-handy clip-on design. The hands-free headset also features detachable earphones that will immerse you deeper into the awesome stereo / mono audio experience. Perfect for active lifestyles, the HS3000 has merged the latest Bluetooth technology with modern conveniences and contemporary design.
Keep control with easy Voice Prompt alerts
Keep control with easy Voice Prompt alerts
Take hands-free convenience to the next level with innovative voice prompting application, The Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth headset provides everything from status updates and alerts to connection status messages with the help of voice messages. Available in five languages, English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese, these Voice Prompts can also be used to command the Bluetooth device, which adds another level of hands-free convenience. So, give your hands a rest and take control with nothing but your own voice.
Bring your Bluetooth to life with SoundAlive
Bring your Bluetooth to life with SoundAlive
Boost your audio experience with Samsung’s HS3000 Handset and its awesome SoundAlive, which produces quality stereophonic surround sound and optimised with Audio Streaming. Featuring a choice of Normal, Vocal and Instrumental modes, you are able to tailor your experience depending on your specific activity. From phone calls to your favourite tunes, the experience is simply better.
Simply apply APT-X for richer audio
Simply apply APT-X for richer audio
Experience the very best Bluetooth digital audio experience with the addition of APT-X codec technology. By optimising the encoded transmission to fit perfectly within the available Bluetooth bandwidth requirements, the produced audio quality matches that of wired audio systems. It is truly outstanding experience and will take your favourite music tunes to a higher level.
Enhance communications with advanced noise reduction Enhance communications with advanced noise reduction With the latest noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, the Samsung Bluetooth Handset improves the level of communication quality. Perfect for busy areas, the Dual Microphone system eliminates distracting noises while enhancing the sound clarity.
Two phones, One Bluetooth Headset! Two phones, One Bluetooth Headset! Enjoy accessing two Bluetooth enabled mobile phones through the Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Handset and its multipoint technology. The new version even allows for multiple calls to be answered; by simply placing your first call on Standby mode, you can then answer a second call from another mobile.

Tech Specs

External - Size 53.5 x 21.5 x 9.6mm
Physical Specification
Weight 13.2g
Standard - Stand-by Time 7 / 170 hours
Battery Level Check (3 Color LED) O
Bluetooth - Specification > BT Class: [2]- specification > BT Ver: [3]
Bluetooth Profiles HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
PC Sync Application MUSB
Call Function
Dialed/Missed/Received Calls O
Multiparty O
Call Receiving O
Mute/Reject Function O
General Features
Volume Up/Down O
Voice Function - Feature > Voice Command: [No]- Feature > Voice Prompt: [English / Spanish / French / German (US) English / Spanish / French / German / Chinese (EU)]
Auto Volume Control O
Audio Streaming O
Active Pairing O
Initial Pairing O
LED On/Off Mode O
Multipoint O
NR/EC 1 mic NR / EC
Play Time (Stereo Headset) 6 hours
White and Pink
Retail Box


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