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Galaxy SIII Protective Cover

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Clear and simple protection for your phone
  • Get a great look thanks to the semi-transparent material
  • Fit it snugly onto your phone for perfect ease of use
  • Enjoy great protection without excess bulk or weight
  • Express yourself with a choice of attractive colours
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  • EFC-1G6W 2 Back white EFC-1G6W P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_EFC-1G6WWECSTD_004_Origin_white 2000 3000 #ffffff
  • EFC-1G6W 3 Origin WHITE EFC-1G6W P$Download-Source-Crop$$SL3-Large-Crop$ uk_EFC-1G6WWECSTD_006_Origin_white 3000 2000 #ffffff


With a rubber bezel, this protective cover will help protect your Galaxy S III smartphones from accidental bumps and drops, absorbing shocks from impacts and providing protection against surface damage from everyday use. The Samsung Protective Cover also creates a space buffer between the screen and surfaces to prevent scratches when the Galaxy S III is placed face down.

Tech Specs

Physical Dimension
Weight 19.5g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 73.1 x 139 x 11mm
Protective Cover
Compatible Models For Galaxy S III
General Features
Packaging Contents Retail box


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