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ATIV Smart PC Keyboard Dock (AA-RD7NMKD)

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A smart keyboard for your Smart PC
  • Just snap it on for full-sized keyboard input
  • Navigate using the built-in touchpad
  • Take it with you thanks to ultraportable design
  • Get connected thanks to 2x USB ports
In Stock
  • AA-RD7NMKD 1 Keyboard Front Blue AA-RD7NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD7NMKD-UK_015_Keyboard-Front_blue 3000 2000 #3355e7
  • AA-RD7NMKD 2 Top Blue AA-RD7NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD7NMKD-UK_016_Top_blue 3000 2000 #3355e7
  • AA-RD7NMKD 3 Keyboard Left Blue AA-RD7NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD7NMKD-UK_017_Keyboard-Left_blue 3000 2000 #3355e7
  • AA-RD7NMKD 4 Detail Blue AA-RD7NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD7NMKD-UK_018_Detail3_blue 2000 3000 #3355e7
  • AA-RD7NMKD 5 Glamorous Blue AA-RD7NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD7NMKD-UK_019_4851-W_blue 3000 2000 #3355e7
  • AA-RD7NMKD 6 Dynamic Blue AA-RD7NMKD P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-RD7NMKD-UK_020_Dynamic1_blue 3000 2000 #3355e7


The key to simpler use
The key to simpler use
The super slim and light Samsung Keyboard Dock enables the fast and simple transformation of your ATIV Smart PC into a clamshell shape. Its intelligent connector design means it simply snaps onto the PC, so you can quickly expand your experience and enjoy much greater ease of use.
Effortless comfort and convenience
A full size, island-type keyboard makes typing easier, so you waste less time correcting errors. Its ergonomic design features isolated keys with optimised spacing and a low profile for maximum comfort and minimum effort. It also includes an integrated touchpad and 2x USB ports for complete convenience and connectivity.

Tech Specs

Mystic Blue
2 x USB 2.0 Ports
Keyboard - Keys 80 / 81
Keyboard - Key Type Island Type
Touch Pad, Touch Screen Touch Pad (85.6 x 48.1mm)
304 x 189.4 x 21.9mm
POGO Interface


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