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Grey ATIV Smart PC Pro Book Cover (AA-BS6NBCG)

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Take a stand and protect your Smart PC Pro
  • Use a cover designed for the ATIV Smart PC Pro
  • Be mobile with slim and lightweight design
  • Convert it into a stand for easy viewing or typing
  • Stay stylish on the move with an elegant look
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  • AA-BS6NBCG 1 Front Grey AA-BS6NBCG P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-BS6NBCG-E_013_Front_gray 3000 2000 #777777
  • AA-BS6NBCG 2 Back Grey AA-BS6NBCG P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-BS6NBCG-E_012_Back_gray 3000 2000 #777777
  • AA-BS6NBCG 3 Right Angle Grey AA-BS6NBCG P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-BS6NBCG-E_011_Right-Angle_gray 2000 3000 #777777
  • AA-BS6NBCG 4 Dynamic Grey AA-BS6NBCG P$Download-Source$$SL3-Large$ uk_AA-BS6NBCG-E_010_Dynamic_gray 3000 2000 #777777


Super Slim, Super Light
Super Slim, Super Light
Many protective covers deliver protection through ugly bulky designs - but not the Samsung Book Cover. This book cover complements the stylish design of the ATIV Tab 7 or Smart PC Pro. Your ATIV tab PC will look fashionably slim even when enclosed in the cover and, thanks to the minimal weight, you will still enjoy the effortless ease of carrying your tab PC around with you.
Convenient Adjustable Work Stand
Convenient Adjustable Work Stand
If you need to reposition your tablet PC to improve user comfort, simply fold the front cover over to transform it into a folding stand. You can adjust the fold angle of the cover to suit your needs, whether typing, watching media, editing documents or viewing and sharing photos.

Tech Specs

Physical Specification
Size 306 x 191 x 15.8mm / 355 x 228 x 35mm
Type Book Cover
Weight 200g / 500g


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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
All 1 Reviews
  • Nice official book cover by Luke Toms 10/02/2013
    Ratings 4
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    This is a well made and nice looking book cover to protect your ATIV Smart PC Pro without adding... Read More
    This is a well made and nice looking book cover to protect your ATIV Smart PC Pro without adding bulk to the overall dimensions of the tablet.

    It would have been even better if it allowed for wake and sleep functionality and if it was designed to allow use of the keyboard dock without the need to remove this cover first.
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